Instruction Details

In the StairBall™ kit is a total of 6 balls: Three striker balls (soft and light) and three target balls (heavy).  Also included are three tokens for marking your progress during game-play.  To begin a game, each player selects a Striker ball, a Target ball, and a Token of their chosen color.

To set up the game, each player places their Target ball anywhere on the first stair of the staircase, and positions their token at a back corner of the same stair to mark their place.  A throwing distance of 18 inches from the first stair is recommended but may vary depending on area conditions.

The Winner is the first player to get their token to the top of the stairs by utilizing two methods of game-play: Striking and Blocking.

Striking:  Each player takes a turn as a Striker, whose objective is to throw their Striker ball at their target ball and knock it down to the floor.  Only one throw is allowed per turn regardless of whether their Target ball is struck or not.  If a Striker hits their Target ball, but it stops before reaching the floor, DO NOT reset it.  Play the target ball as it lies.  Once a Striker’s Target ball reaches the floor, they get to advance their Token by one stair (and reset Target ball to same stair as Token) before the next player’s turn begins.  Blocker’s Tokens can also be advanced to the next level if their Target ball is knocked down to the floor. 

BlockingWhen a player is not a Striker, they are a Blocker, and their objective is to use their own Striker ball to try to stop the Striking player’s Target ball from reaching the floor, but only if that player was able to get their Target ball moving first.  If a Blocker is successful, they get to advance their Token (and Target ball) by one stair, and the Striker’s Target ball stays where it lies.  If a Blocker hits THEIR OWN Target ball in the process, they must deduct the placement of their Token (and Target Ball) by one stair.  There are no penalties for hitting another Blocker’s Target ball.  The first player to get their Token to the top of the stairs wins.

Be safe, and have fun!