StairBall Kits

Now in Stock!

The StairBall team can’t thank you enough for your patience.  We are pleased to announce that the StairBall kits are now available.  Order yours today!

What’s Included in the Kit?

  • High-quality 80mm Polyurethane Foam “Striker” ball (Quantity of 3)
  • 100% Heavy-duty, 70mm soft Polyurethane “Target” ball (Quantity of 3)
  • Genuine USA-made StairBall embossed Token (Quantity of 3)
  • Complete Game Instructions w/ Bonus alternate game challenges for hours of fun!
Available StairBall Kits

Blue StairBall Kit
Buy the Blue!



Green StairBall Kit
Get the Green!



Orange StairBall Kit
Order the Orange!



Red StairBall Kit
Redeem the Red!



Yellow StairBall Kit
Yield the Yellow!