The Creators

David Merrill is 26 years old and grew up in Provo, UT.  He lives in San Antonio with his wife, Lex.  He started working on StairBall in Fall 2015 after coming up with the idea, and acquired the help of Cliff Park and Brian Owens with Treble Innovations, LLC, ever since to help turn it into a reality.






David’s day job includes coordinating medical clinics in San Antonio, Boerne, and Hondo for National Sinus Institute.  He is also studying Nursing, Business Computers, and Multimedia.

David Throwing Ball-021

David has tried and tested several different kinds of balls to find the perfect match for the game.  What he has found is that the striker balls work much better with a lighter and softer consistency than the target balls.  The goal was to be able to strike the target balls effectively and get them rolling down the stairs without bouncing around chaotically.  After thorough testing, he is rather satisfied with the results.

Photo Apr 12, 8 56 57 PM                                                                                            .                            “The game is fun, and it allows you to throw balls inside your own home – an activity that would otherwise be played outside.” -David Merrill, 26


Most games played today consist of technology and brain power, with less movement and interaction of the real world around us.  David’s goal was to take a step away from that realm and introduce a new game that is unique, competitive, and takes advantage of those stairs that, until this point, have only been used for walking on.


“I love how my family can play this game just about anywhere we go.  We travel a lot, so when we make a rest stop it’s great to start a game of stairball.  Instead of searching for a playground, we find the best place with stairs!”  -Brandi, 37

StairBall Stack



“I love the competition of stairball with my friends and family!”  -Braxton, 12


It’s easy to get out, and easy to put away.”  -Kallie, 14



“First off I’d like you to know that I am one that is always hesitant to write reviews… it just is never worth my time.  That being said, I needed you to know that this game, Stair ball, has changed our family dynamic in so many ways.  We now have a fun, competitive, traditional family activity indoors, outdoors, even on the lake in our houseboat.  It brings us all together and leaves us laughing by the end, with new memories and experiences, always positive, to think on.  Thank you Stair Ball!”  -Chelsey, 34


In David’s spare time he enjoys playing drums.


Thanks to everybody for supporting David Merrill and StairBall.